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My almost four-year-old has gone to this preschool for the past two years. I couldn't be happier with the quality of care and education. He has truly thrived here. The teachers are very involved and communicative. The ladies who run the school are m always make themselves available for any questions or concerns. The school itself is very well organized, always clean, and all the staff are friendly and helpful. It's a very loving and positive environment. I cannot wait for my six-year-old to attend their summer school this year!!!

Crystal S.

We just finished our first semester for my child at Wellspring and it has been so smooth and better than I could have hoped! The staff is easy to communicate with and I just love my son's teacher. He talks about her all the time at home and you can tell she genuinely cares for the kids in her class. They've added new security at all the entrance doors which I really appreciate, and the classrooms are clean and organized. Like most little kids he took a few weeks to warm up to going, but now he runs in and says hi to all the staff he passes and goes right on in to his classroom happily. Thank you Wellspring for a great experience!

Aubrey S.

Great academy! My son has transitioned from about three classrooms and all teachers have been extremely patient and sweet! Outside of the teachers, the admin team is also just as dedicated to the children. Overall you can tell the children come first and are safe! My son has also learned very quickly! Each child is catered to towards their current stage. The updates and pictures throughout the day are a bonus!

Jasmine S.

We have had our child attending Wellspring for the last 2.5 years and have been pleased with both the staff and facilities. They communicate well with the parents on the daily happenings in the classroom - as well as monthly/daily itineraries so we can prep in advance. They have added on the Procare app, which makes things go even smoother. There is nothing better than to get a notification while at work with a picture update of my little one doing a daily activity. I know when I drop her off she is in good hands.

Zack E.

After having to move 2 kiddos from a terrible facility, we have been more than pleased with Wellspring.
Everyone there truly loves these kids and are more than happy to talk anytime we have questions. We would
not take these 2 anywhere else and love that they are a Christian school as well. If you are looking for the best
place, and believe me, I have seen quite a few, Wellspring is THE BEST!

Jennifer B.

I love how my daughter Larissa is loved by the teachers and the staff at WellSpring. Everybody is so caring and loving, at the same time, I feel that She has been learning good manners and respecting people. The facility is always clean and I really enjoyed the party we attended. Loved the Christmas decorations as well!!!! Feeling that my child is safe is also a plus!

Juliana A.

My child has been going here since the beginning of the pandemic. He was scared on his very first day because of the previous daycare he was in. When I dropped him off the second day, he was so excited that he rushed in with the biggest smile on his face. He loves his teachers and everyone else that works there. They are affordable, and I have not had any issues. They always give me an incident report if my kid falls down and scrapes his knee or gets a bump. The summer camps are always fun, and the school year is well organized. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Tiffany S.

The team at Wellspring is fantastic! They truly care about their clients and the children in their care. We see
firsthand their dedication and integrity. Highly recommended!

Tech V.

My daughter has been attending regularly since she was 3 years old (she is now almost 7). I honestly have only good things to share about Wellspring. The staff is welcoming and friendly. The owners are very kind, and I think they run a very clean and wholesome facility. But I must say the frosting on the cake is hearing my little girl proudly quote Bible verses back to me. I love that! :)

Jenna R.

I'm so pleased with the changes Wellspring Academy has made the past 6 months. I'll admit, when we first came here my son was barely two and it was a bummer not hearing any updates on how he was doing. One year later it feels like an entirely different center. We receive frequent updates, pictures, and the teacher gives us an update every day when we pick him up. I also hear how he's doing with other kids and the friends he's made! Online payments have made things even more convenient. This is a facility that truly cares about community interaction, and the back to school bash this year was such a fun time. Thank you, Wellspring Family, for taking care of our littles!

Shannon R.

My sons have been going here for 2 years and we've had a great experience. They are excited to go and do all the fun activities they offer. I've noticed the addition of "Yes ma'am" to their vocabulary since starting. We've found it to be a loving and wonderful place. We actually have a adult friends that attended as children and said it was a loving and warm place for them in a time where thy wit home didn't offer such comfort. We give it an A+.

Sarah S.

I'm very happy with Wellspring's they take care of my boys The place is very clean the staff of very nice and helpful. My boys love the place we checked other daycares in Denton before coming here and none of them can compare to Wellspring.

Lloyd S.

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