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Holistic learning and character formation begin in childhood.
Wellspring Academy aims to cover all the developing aspects of children including their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and educational growth. With our various programs, we hope to help many children build a strong foundation they can use in their future endeavors. Our educators can help your children through our academic programs which are:
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Infant Care

We provide tender care and coaching to our precious infants.
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Toddler Play Group

Let your kids appreciate their childhood years with others.
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Summer Programs

Hone your child’s talent or have them learn advanced lessons.
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Prepare your child for the academic journey waiting ahead of them.
Aside from our curriculum-based program, we also offer special programs that can help you and your child in other aspects. Consider having your children involved in our:
  • Morning School Drop Off to Select Schools
  • After School Pick Up to Select Schools
  • Daily Praise, Worship, and Prayer Sessions
  • Weekly Chapel and Bible Study
To answer your inquiries about our school programs, you may relay them to us through our online contact form. Please speak with us at your earliest convenience.